bread finale…

So here is the deal… I need WAY more practice when it comes to this wild yeast bread making thing!  Ha!  There is some sort of finesse required that I don’t have yet and I assume it comes with experience or so I am hoping.

I think the loaves ended up over proofing again.  I did that last time and didn’t seem to really learn my lesson.  But, we left the house again and got side tracked, so instead of baking at 8 am this morning the bread didn’t make it into the oven until 1 pm.   When I went to score my round boule, it deflated like a sad balloon.  I freaked, but didn’t cry.  Instead, I grabbed my camera.  Probably not the best plan of action, but hey, wanted to see how much oven spring I got out of the thing anyway.  Here are the before and after pictures.


Not so bad, it could have been way worse.  Luckily the yeast had a little umph left to get some oven spring.

IMG_0734aThese are the two sandwich loaves.  Again, when I pulled them out they had a nice dome on them, but after a closer inspection, it was just a very large air bubble.  So, i popped them and put them in the oven.  I think if I would have baked them in the morning as planned, they would have domed nicely, but instead they have a flat top.  But they raised really well and filled out my enormous 10×5 pans.  I really need to get smaller pans.

Thanks for checking out the results of my baking day.   These loaves shall hold me over hopefully until it cools off.  Then I can make smaller loaves more often for fun.


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