beauty day…

This weekend we had a day of beauty for our girls… in the backyard!  Ha ha!  They got their nails done (trimmed), hair brushed, washed and styled.  Pampered from head to tail… all by ME!  BTW, I did not look so pretty by the end!

Here is Ella NOT posing for the camera.  She hates having her picture taken and always looks away or give me the one bug eye.


Here is Sienna… always happy.


They were just so shiny and pretty after their baths that I had to grab the camera.  Let me tell you, a day of beauty with these two is not an easy task!  I think Ella says it all….


I tend to have to yell and run after them like a crazy person.  I became so covered in hair and water logged that I looked like I needed the day of beauty.  Hmmmmm, not a bad idea though.  But they feel so soft and their coats just glisten in the sun.  Makes it all worth it.

Hope you are having a beautiful day.


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