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I found these adorable little mini chocolate chip pancake muffins on Bakerella’s website the other day and decided they were a must try!  I love pancakes.  I just thought the idea of baking them like a muffin was super fun.  Her stuff is always so darn cute and yummy looking.  So I gave them a whirl.

mini pancakes

For some reason, I really didn’t think they would taste like a pancake.  I guess I expected the usual muffin.  But, they taste just like a friggin’ pancake!  I could see how dunking them in maple syrup would be heavenly.  I was making them to take into work, so they needed a syrup like addition that could travel.  I attempted a maple flavored glaze, that just turned out to taste like a pure sugar glaze.  Not as spectacular as I had hoped.  Eh, so I tried.  But they really needed some sweetness and this did it (maybe a little too much).  I’m thinking next time I might do a maple butter instead.

I’m taking them into work tomorrow… hopefully my co-workers will appreciate them. I think they are pretty yummy.  I found that the recipe didn’t quite make a full batch of 24 mini muffins.  Maybe I filled mine a little more than hers or since I used mini chocolate chips I had to use more batter per cup.

mini dough whiskI also wanted to share a little tool I found from the King Arthur Flour website.  I bought this funny looking dough whisk a bit ago.  I mainly bought it to make small loaves of bread so I wouldn’t have to break out the mixer.  The reviews on this were awesome, so I figured what the heck.  Well, I haven’t mixed any bread with it yet, but they make a small one for quick breads and muffins.  I decided to give it a whirl to see how this magic whisk did.  Let me tell you, this thing is awesome!  It mixed the batter so quickly and evenly it was truly amazing.  If you bake, you know most batters should be mixed as little as possible to make soft and delicate muffins, pancakes or whatever.  This awesome whisk definitely achieves that.  So cool.  Anyhoo, just wanted to share that tidbit.

This was just a little break from my usual card making.  Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.


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  1. Jeanne f

    Wow! Sucks to be on the late shift;-(

  2. Jeanne F.

    Yummm! You remembered us lonely night shifter;-) Thank you – they were delicious!

    1. dahlhousedesigns

      Yay… I’m glad you got some! Wasn’t sure the others would let them last.

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