5.20.2010 Hip Hop

It is Hip Hop time!!! Lots of lovely things to see from Unity and Ippity today!!!

If you are new to Hip Hop, then you must start HERE at the Unity blog for all the deets.  You don’t want to miss any of the AMAZING creations!
If you just came from Kelly’s blog, then you are on the right tract!

I also want to give a big CONGRATS to JenMarie for joining us on today’s Hip Hop!!!  She created the most gorgeous Ippity card for the new release party and won herself a spot on today’s hop!!!  Welcome, JenMarie and I hope you enjoy your day!  Make sure you leave her lots of love!

So I had a card request over the weekend and it came just as I was sitting down to create.  Perfect timing!!!  And can you believe I have never done this type of card before.  I have done baby cards, invitations, birthday, father’s day, mother’s day, anniversary, wedding, new pet and yet, this request, I had never done!

A christening card!!!  Talk about a challenge.  Luckily, Ippity has the MOST gorgeous religious stamp sets around.

The stamps are from the What Matters Most set and I think they created one gorgeous christening card.  It is for a little girl, so I went a little overboard on the girlie part!  hehe

So, I want to giveaway a Love in Return stamp set.

I have to work all day and will miss out on all the fun, games and chit chat going on at the SCS forums today!

So to win my prize, you have to answer my question:

I had a weird day yesterday, what do you think happened?

a) A cow peed on my car.
b) A lizard ran across the road in front of my car.
c) A bat dive bombed me as I was taking the trash out.
d) a and b
e) none of the above

You have until 10pm central time tonight to leave your answer on this post.  I will draw a random winner from all the correct answers and post it at the Ippity blog tomorrow!

Hop on over to Lisa H.’s blog next!!!!

Have a super day!

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  1. karen m

    Lisa…your card is DEVINE!! From the beautiful lace to the soft colors, lovely ippity sentiment and cross, with the sweet stick pins!! Your card is absolutely GORGEOUS!!


  2. Emily Keaton

    A weird day, eh? I’ll guess D.

    Beautiful christening card! I love the soft colors 🙂

  3. Brooke Lien

    Wow!! Stunning Lisa!! So soft and sweet!!

  4. StampinCathy

    Your card is beautiful and love the soft look. OMGosh your answers are so funny. I will have to say E, but I want to say D. Thanks for a chance. Sorry you have to work all day and will miss out on the fun.

  5. lynn

    well, i hope a cow didn’t pee on your car! i’m guessing b. precious card, lisa:)

  6. pam bray

    Hope a cow didn’t pee in on your car, my guess would be “c”, I had a homing pigeon dive bomb me once as I was taking out the trash, quite the experience. Oh and by the way your card is just beautiful.

  7. Kelly Landers

    I love this christening card!! You did a wonderful job and the What Matters Most set is so perfect for it too! I don’t count for the prize… but my guess is that the bat dive bombed you! Can’t wait to hear what happened!

  8. Lisa Henke

    you crack me up! seriously? one or more than one of those things happened to you? yes, it was a weird day! LOVE your card…so pretty and perfect! great embellies you used.

  9. Marcy H.

    Love your card!! My guess would be “b”. It sound like a very weird day if any of these things happened.

  10. Stephanie Zito

    Wow! Gorgeous card! Love your trims, ribbon and stamping! So soft and pretty! Hmmm, sounds like a very weird day! I’m going to say “c”! Hope you have a better day today!

  11. Lillian Child

    Sweet card, Lisa. That sentiment is just beautiful.

    I’m going with “c” – it’s happened to me before! Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. Lacey

    beautiful soft card 🙂 love it.

  13. Eva

    Bwhahahahah…..a cow peed on your car???????????? Could that even happen????? ROFL…you are so cracking me up! I am not even going to guess, but I can’t wait to find out which one it is..LOL

    And your card is GORGEOUS!!!! I bet the person who ordered it loved it, too!!! Hugs…and please no cows peeing on your car, that is just not nice…LOL

  14. Jennine

    Too funny! I love your card! If any of these things happened I would have to go pay the lottery in hopes of winning! My guess is the bat!

  15. JenMarie

    W O W , this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

  16. debbi

    As weird as it sounds, I’ve got the feeling………it’s C. Someone was talking about bats the other day, so I’ll got with that.
    Your card is just beautiful.

  17. eryn hagen

    So elegant and PRETTY!!! 🙂

  18. Nora Anne

    This is a beautiful card, you certainly rose to the challenge!!! Curious to hear what happened to you yesterday as they are all a bit bazaar! LOL! My guess is “C”!!!

  19. Suz

    pretty card – love the soft colors.

    I would have said all of the above but since that isn’t an option I’m going with the bats (that’s happened to me when I was out with the dogs). The other’s don’t seem as likely since: lizard (it would have to be a big one to see it) and cow (I don’t remember but didn’t think you lived on a farm – but I may be wrong usually am)

  20. jan farnworth

    wonderful card and i am going to guess c but the others would be funny to 🙂

  21. Martha

    wow, just beautiful!

  22. Jenny Johns

    Oh my gosh, WOW Lisa! This card is soooooo pretty! I love the lace and how soft the colors make the entire card…perfect for the occasion!
    You are too funny…you said you live in farm country…so I would say ALL of the ABOVE (even though it’s not an option, and I have no idea how a cow could do that)…but it’s funny!

  23. jo ann k delery

    beautiful card. answer to your question: none of the above.
    have a great day in the Lord!

  24. Gwen

    I’m going to go with a. because that is the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard of and I don’t think you could make that up if you tried!!!
    p.s. LOVE your card! So feminine and pretty!

  25. Jennifer S.

    What a soft sweet card. I love it. Hmmm weird day huh? I’m guessing A. since that’s the weirdest thing on the list :p

  26. Donna

    Gorgeous card! Love the soft colors.
    Weird day …hmm, I guess I will pick c
    I hope today was better 🙂

  27. LIz aka Javagirl

    Wow a cow…
    Great card love the colors yummy The lace is beautiful

  28. linda hotwheels

    Your card is beautiful and love the soft lookand lace on the bottom of the card. and so soft and pretty colors.

  29. StampJourney

    My guess is C. I love, love, love your card! That set is fabulous, too. 🙂

  30. Rona

    My guess is c. Hope today is a good day!!

  31. Carol B

    I guess “C” but hope you escaped okay!

    Carol B

  32. Maria Gurnsey

    Beautiful card!!! It’s refreshing to see some of the older sets 🙂

  33. Jenna A

    I think the answer is C because its realistic. Though if it was a weird day, that would be more than one thing happened…so D? Final answer…sticking with C.

    Also, your card is gorgeous! I love the sentiment and colors you’ve chosen.

  34. symbelly

    um… c?
    weird day indeed.

    love the card.

  35. Jennie K

    I’m guessing C. I hope none of those things happened, but I usually take the trash out when bats are out.

  36. Jules!

    D. Beautiful work BTW!

  37. Scrapcollectr

    Don’t know if this is getting in on time but I’d say (c). That would be weird-er than any of the others to me! Beautiful card, by the way!

  38. Nancy Best

    I’ll guess B.
    Love your card, what a perfect sentiment!

  39. Stephanie Muzzulin

    Soo gorgeous Lisa love it and the lace is great!!!!

  40. Heather Rolin

    Absolutely AMAZINGLY Beautiful! LOVE the details and the colors and the layout and the stamps…LOVE it all!

  41. Carolina

    Stunning, stunning Card!!! Love the soft feel, vintage feel to your card!

Your comments really make my day, thank you!