coffee anyone or maybe a giveaway?

ETA: winner has been posted

I am a HUGE Starbucks fan.
Totally an unhealthy addiction, but I justify it as my only vice.
So I enjoy it… a LOT!

I love these coffee related files from The Cutting Cafe!!!

Got Coffee?
Coffee Beans Background

Makes one perfect cup of coffee!  One hot soy Caramel Macchiato please!

And I have one for you… one random commenter will win the Got Coffee? stamp set from The Cutting Cafe!!!  Yahoo.

Leave a comment by Friday, May 14th (midnight PST)
and I’ll post the winner the following morning!

  1. Lindsay

    Coffee?! Did you say coffee??! I live for it! The best part is knowing I am not alone in my addiction!! I love this! Those beans are so fun.

  2. Lisa Henke

    ooooo, cute card! and I laugh-you’re only addiction, huh? what about this thing called papercrafting???? LOL! I love coffee too-the smell of it, the taste of it, and the warmth of it first thing in the morning! have a great day!

    1. dahlhousedesigns

      Paper crafting… addiction… whatever could you be talking about? If I choose to ignore that addiction it doesn’t count, right!?! 🙂

  3. Savannah O'Gwynn

    I’m addicted to crafting–I don’t like coffee…or tea…or pop (or soda)….just paper, scissors, and glue;) Great card–super cute!

    Thanks for the chance to win:)

  4. Shauna

    ooooh so cute!
    I love your card, and you’re right, that set is adorable.
    I too am addicted to my coffee.. I keep it to one a day (a great big ONE!)

  5. regina

    wowzer girl I am so loving the style of this card…you rock…just my style…hugs

  6. Jennie K

    Yum! Love the card. I’m a coffee lover and it was my life saver the first year with our twins….:-)

  7. StampinCathy

    This is fabulous. Only addiction?????? What do you call your stamping? Just way..You know that is your BIGGEST addiction and then Starbucks! LOL Thanks for a chance.

  8. Jenny Johns

    Lisa, you are too funny…maybe coffee is your biggest addiction, but I AM SURE THERE ARE MORE…heehee! Yup, *bucks for me too…except I don’t do sweet ones…die hard coffee fan here!
    I’ve not visited cutting cafe yet, and I love this card…so here I go to a new site…blame it on Lisa!

  9. lynn

    LOVE coffee-sweet card, lisa! i know those are coffee beans, but i see hamburgers!

    1. dahlhousedesigns

      hee hee… hmmmm, now you got me thinking I might have to make a McD’s card!

  10. Mandy

    omg…this card is too cute! i so love coffee stamps…this one is great!

  11. Gwen Y.

    Love Starbucks, love coffee, love friends! Thanks for a chance at your giveaway!

  12. Melissa G

    Love this stamp and card it is SOOO cute!

  13. Stephanie Zito

    Adorable! I love my Starbucks coffee too!

  14. Sarah

    Starbucks is awesome and so is this card 🙂

  15. Carrie

    Soo cute!! I love the tall skinny coffee card!! My mom loves coffee. I’m not a fan but I love coffee stamps (if that makes sense).

  16. Lillian Child

    Hi. My name is Lil … and I’m a coffee and stamping addict! And I would so LOVE to have this coffee stamp. Thanks for the chance!

  17. Diane S.

    I special order my coffee beans and I grind right before brewing in my Melitta pot-I am addicted to top shelf coffee!!

  18. Toni

    Great stamps. Love you site. Thanks for sharing with us.

  19. Lucy

    Wow…can’t believe how many other Starbucks and Stamping addicts there are out there (like me!)
    And now a chance to COMBINE them! Love the card.

  20. mary d.

    what an original idea! Love the starbucks look!
    great job! My favorite coffee shop to meet at!

  21. Charlene - DT

    Cute card! Please don’t include me in your drawing…DT

  22. Susan G

    I LOVE coffee, but not starbucks…LOVE your card though 🙂

  23. Helen Mjovig

    How clever to use your addiction to create! Neat!

  24. Claudia

    Love coffee too. But I have a friend who would really appreciate the card you made. So simple but elegant.

  25. ~Jeri M~

    Simple and elegant card!!! One of my favorite sets at The Cutting Cafe!!

    Awesome work!

  26. Audra

    Enjoyiny my coffee right now. Those stamps would make the perfect side. 🙂

  27. Diane Martin

    Clean but sophisticated card.

  28. Rj

    Hello just passing thru.. love your cards and would like to enter your contest.. thanks and have a great day.

  29. jane

    OMG- I TOO am a SB fan and ofcourse a REGINA fan….sooooooo…hope I win!! he he he!

  30. La Joy Evans

    Too cute! I have a good friend who is also a coffee or rather Starbucks addict also! This is just too cute!

  31. Renee Acosta

    What adorable cards! I too love coffee, I am sitting here with an iced latte right now!
    Thanks so much for sharing your work, it is appreciated!

  32. Tee Angel

    Aww, I do love my morning coffee and this card is good enough to drink!

  33. Ale Q

    I loooooove coffee also, thanx!

  34. Teresa E

    Cute Card! Who doesn’t Love, Love, Love Coffee!! Thanks for the chance to win! Teresa E.

  35. Julie E

    What a cute idea!! Simple, but perfect for a gift. I am not big on the coffee, but I know plenty who are :>)

  36. Gloria Westerman

    How cute……would be a great card for a starbuck gift card….

  37. Melanie H.

    This card is just great! I have this set but I’m always looking for new ways to use it.

  38. Cheryl

    Cute! I love the coffee beans!

  39. Anja Curvers

    Love coffee, love your card thank’s for the opportunity.

  40. nicole brenna

    who wouldnt just love that stamp

  41. Donna C.

    Starbucks – yum!! Love your card and thanks for the chance to win the stamp set.

    Donna C.

  42. JessicaK

    “Coffee enthusiast” – that’s what I like to call it ;). Great job with the card.

  43. Ruby 2 Shoes

    Love it! I’m a coffee addict too, but also need to add in cardmaking as a definate first on the list! Fab card! Thanks for the chance to win this fab set 🙂 If it’s Starbucks mine would have to be a white chocolate mocha, yumm-eeee!

  44. laura d

    This is a very cute card!

  45. Jennie H.

    Yep, I am totally addicted to the coffee bean. :o) Love your card…it speaks to me, lol! Thanks for the chance to win!

  46. Gina

    I love my coffee and these sets are fab. THanks for giving us the chance of winning one.

  47. Jeri

    What coffee lover wouldn’t think this was an adorable card? Too cute!!!