10.09.2010 – oh, to be an artist…

I would love to be able to draw and paint.  It has always fascinated me that someone can simply pull an image from their imagination and make it come alive on a piece of paper or canvas.  And in their own STYLE.  I’m a copier.  I have to actually have it in front of me or have a picture to attempt it.  Plus, I haven’t picked up a pencil to draw anything for 14 or so years.  I like to doodle, but to draw… now that would be awesome.  I’m pretty much a high school level drawer.  But that is OK, I plan to improve and to hopefully find my own STYLE.

So, I am taking art classes.  Heehee.  Basic 101 stuff, but I’m excited to give it a whirl.  A friend (an amazing artist/blogger) introduced me to an artist forum called Wet Canvas and in there they have free art lessons.  How cool!  And so it begins…

As a pre-assignment, we were required to draw anything and so I picked a picture of two pears.  Simple enough.

I plan to share a few of my projects along the way.  I’ll warn you though in case you are not interested.  🙂



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  1. MD

    I have multiple sketch pads (different sizes) waiting for you – you have awesome talent.

  2. JenMarie

    Oh wow, this is fabulous! Can’t wait to see more!

  3. lynn

    lisa, this is just awesome! i’d love to see more! i took 4 classes at my hobby lobby, but everything i did looked so…flat:) good luck-your off to a wonderful start!

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