{10.8.2011} unity + authentique = a smile

I am so excited to hopping with Unity Stamp Company and Authentique Paper Today!  Their paper is amazing.  Beautiful designs, double sided and a fabulous weight.  Plus lots of goodies, embellies and UNITY FAB stamps to match.  If you didn’t start at the beginning of the hop, you will want to jump on over to the Authentique blog.

There are PRIZES to be won from both companies, so be sure to leave a comment on each blog as you hop.

I am excited to share some cards from 3 different paper collections and using this amazing Share your Smile Itty Bitty.

First up, the Glowing Collection.

I never really thought about a dress form as being spooky, but I LOVE it!  To up the spooky factor, I trimmed out a spider from the patterned paper to hang from the dress form.

Next, sticking with the holiday theme we have the Wonder Collection.

I couldn’t stop layering beautiful paper upon beautiful paper.  The stamp just blends in perfectly with the holiday theme.  I stamped it on a tag included with the paper die cuts.

And last, just a super sweet card using the Splendid Collection.

Such happy patterns.  I punched out a tag in white and stamped the dress form in black.  Popped it up and added a pretty little bow.  That fabby flower border punch is by EK Success.

Well, that is it for me.  Hope you enjoyed your visit.

I’m going to send you over to Cristine Redmond’s blog next!

In case you get lost, here is the full list of hoppers.

Authentique Paper – http://authentiquepaper.blogspot.com/
Tifany DeGough – http://inkblotsbytrd.blogspot.com/
Maria Gurnsey – http://scrapsbym.blogspot.com/
Misty Buck – http://mistylynnwhat.blogspot.com/
Lisa Arana – https://www.dahlhouse-designs.com/ <—-YOU ARE HERE
Cristine Redmond – http://onescrappynovice.blogspot.com/
Christi Snow – http://www.alteredambitions.blogspot.com/
Brenda Smith – http://theimperfectscrapper.blogspot.com/
Eva Dobilas – http://evafromca.blogspot.com/
Jeannie DeGruccio – http://polkacabana.wordpress.com/
Lisa Henke – http://mylittlecreativeescape.blogspot.com/
Natalie Dever – http://dougnat.blogspot.com/
Unity Stamp Company – http://theunitystampco.blogspot.com/

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  1. Kimberly Cook

    Love all your cards Lisa. Great job!

  2. Anne t

    FUN cards! I love the spooky Halloween one:)

  3. Rachel B

    Amazingly beautiful! I really love the first card for it’s paper coloring, but adore the Christmas papers!

  4. Lisa Jamerson

    Well looking at your beautiful cards sold them to me. Lovely! I would have never put a dress form with Halloween but it works. Thanks for letting me participate in the blog hop!

  5. Charlene

    Hopping along the blog hop. Love your cards. We carry this stamp in our store and you’ve inspired me to create some fun samples. Cheers!


  6. Heather - housesbuiltofcards

    Beautiful! LOVE how you used the same stamp to make 3 very different cards!!!

  7. Vanessa Middleton

    These are FABULOUS!!! I love the way you pieced the paper together on the Halloween though!!!

  8. Donna

    Card made with the Splendid Collection is my favorite….don’t know why….but just love it!!

    Thanks for the inspiration

  9. Emily Leiphart

    Every single one of these cards is amazing, Lisa! I LOVE how you showed off the versatility of those stamps by using them for three completely different occasions. Just fabulous!!

  10. bethann d

    i never thought about a dress form and Halloween but it works. love all the cards

  11. Miriam Prantner

    Love how you used that stamp on such different cards!

  12. Joy

    I love your cards, especially the halloween one! I love how you used a non-spooky stamp and made it work for the card!

  13. Emily

    Love your cards!!! I’m so sad I missed the sale the other day! I NEED that stamp! So so cute!!

  14. Kathleen H.

    I love the cards…beautiful the way you have used the same stamp (and what a great one!) to make such different cards!!

  15. jackie s

    Love that the same stamp can be used for any occasion. Love the added spider in the Halloween card

  16. Cindy

    Love that you used the same stamp, but on three different kinds of cards.

  17. Ashly

    Love your cards!! The halloween card is sooo cute!! great job and thanks for sharing

  18. sherryann (aka Sherry Eckblad)

    Love your cards! I own that stamp set and your cards make me want to pull it out and ink it up.

  19. Crystal Rodner

    Great cards, especially love the spooky style card!

  20. Maria Gurnsey

    You never cease to AMAZE me but the same stamp on three cards that look completely different….YEP…you blem me away!! FAB GIRLIE!!!!

  21. Rosanne

    Very pretty, love how you used the dress form on 3 completely different cards.

  22. Christine Dring

    Wow! Amazing cards! I love that you use the dress form stamp for three totally different looks!

  23. Cyndy

    Nice variety with one stamp! Thanks for the inspiration.

  24. Jan Hennings

    super cute..love dress forms!

  25. Linda SS

    nice job colors are beautiful and ideas are great

  26. Janet B

    I love that you used the same stamp for so many cards and occasions! Great ideas!

  27. Kary

    Wow, Lisa, these are great samples using the same stamp!! Love that you have used it on cards for different occasions. Very versatile & a Wonderful job!! Love the cards!!

  28. Minerva

    Great use of one stamp. Beautiful work!

  29. Eva

    Girlie, you are blowing me away with these cards!!! I am amazed how you used all the papers with the one stamp and they are all just go so well together!

  30. Rae C.

    Well, aren’t you just amazingly clever!? Love the use of the dress form stamp!

  31. Susan Leslie

    Wow, I love dress forms and love how you have made it work in each card. These are so unique and gorgeous!! 🙂

  32. stampincathy

    Oh Lisa!!! Your cards are just over the top AWESOME! Love the stamps you used and they go perfect with the papers! Thanks for always inspiring me with your creative MOJO!

  33. Sarah

    I love how you changed up the same stamp 3 ways! I am always trying to figure out how to re-use mine in a new way.

  34. Joni Arcocha

    Awesome cards! I love that you used that beautiful dress form in different ways to show the versatility! Love that! They are really very pretty!

  35. jengd

    Love the idea of one stamp, 3 MAJORLY different themes! Wonderful!

  36. Annette a.

    Awesome cards…lve the colors and designs…thanks for sharing..
    Awesome blog hop

  37. NinaN

    I would never think to use that stamp on a christmas card! Looks great!

  38. Kate C.

    Very Nice. I love the Halloween one. Actually all of them looks amazing.


  39. Laura Sanchez

    Who knew you could repurpose that dress form in so many different ways. Lovely!

  40. gin

    Love the cards. Great ideas.

  41. Deborah Johnson

    Love the cards – cute stamp!!!

    Hippity-hoppity – I GO!!!!

  42. Kathy Miller (@ScrapNDaze)

    Love how you incorporated the dress form in each design.

  43. gin

    Great designs. I am so excited to get so many new ideas. Thanks.

  44. genagirl

    That totally works for Halloween – and Xmas and everything else! Love it!

  45. Tammy Richard

    What a great “HOP” ! Loving this. Great ideas ! Love your cards.

  46. Trisha

    Love your style, Lisa. Beautiful cards. Thanks for sharing. patnbobcuddy at gmail dot com

  47. Karen Lantz

    The last 2 collections are very nice. I love the papers.

  48. Ujjwal

    I love how you have used the same stamp in so many different ways and all those cards look so pretty!

  49. Erin Colby

    Beautiful cards! Really love the christmas one, but I am a sucker for the holidays!

  50. ruby2shoes

    All are gorgeous, but I LOVE that first one, the colours are gorgeous. Authentique papers are so pretty.

  51. Kathy Shaw

    Very nicely done. I like the many ways you used the dress form.

  52. Kathy Shaw

    I like the many different paper you used the dress form with.

  53. RubyM

    I LOVE all of the cards. The stamp and papers worked so well together.

  54. Emily Niehaus

    Your cards are all fabulous, Lisa! 🙂

  55. MargieH

    That dress form is on my wish list! SO HAPPY that you showcased it :0) Great inspiration for each of the upcoming seasons – this stamp (along with the papers) is a must have now! LOL!!

  56. Marla H.

    Those papers are gorgeous and I LOVE that dress form stamp!!

  57. Marilyn Nimmo

    I love how you made one stamp work for such different cards. Fabulous creativity!!!

  58. Sandy H

    Great vintage cards to go along with the vintage stamp, wonderful inspiration!

  59. Dee in N.H.

    How fun that you made all those unique and pretty cards using the same stamp set! Beautiful paper choices!

  60. Bunnyfreak

    You really showed how versatile the stamp was.

  61. Amber Sheaves

    Great cards. I like the way you used the same stamp on three very different cards!

  62. jpscraps

    Great cards! I never would have thought the dress form to be so versatile.

  63. sharon gullikson

    I like how you used the same stamp in such different ways. Nice creativity.

  64. Karen B.

    So awesome to see one stamp in so many applications. You are so talented!

  65. Melinda Wilson

    Great use of the spider on the dress form stamp! I love it!

  66. Emily Keaton

    All of these cards are so beautiful, Lisa! You’ve used that dress form so creatively. I love your choices of Authentique and Unity products. 🙂

  67. McStamper

    Love your projects. One of my favorite stamps.

  68. JenMarie

    Lisa, these are FABULOUS!

  69. Lynda E

    I LOVE that you used the same stamp in all 3 cards!

  70. Jessica P.

    Love the stamp! Enjoyed the different ways you used it! Thanks for sharing your projects with us!

  71. Chris Locke

    Great cards !! I’m going to have to order tht paper now… Gee Thanks…

  72. Cyndee K.

    Love the diversity of the dress form stamp – so cool!

  73. Gwen

    Great cards! Just ordered this stamp the other day!

  74. polkacabana

    Oh wow! Your cards are just wonderful! I just adore them all, especially your SPOOKY STYLE card!

  75. Christy Doyle

    Love your cards!! Great creations!

  76. Jackie

    Wonderful cards, Lisa! I love each of them!

  77. kldeyette

    Wow I love all your cards using a dress form, great job tks for sharing today!

  78. lynn

    you so make these stamps beautiful, lisa! i love the spooky one,esp!

  79. nitasha

    Gorgeous cards!

  80. Judy B

    I never would have thought to use a dress form stamp on a halloween card. What a great idea! Talk about thinking outside the box.

  81. Tanya Phillips

    Awesome cards! Love the spooky card, so fun!

  82. jules!

    U R A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

  83. Pryn Garritan

    GORGEOUS cards! I love how you can use the same stamp and achieve different looks.

  84. Erica Bass

    Love all the different ways you used the dressform stamp! Wow, I might need it now.

  85. Carol E Brooker

    Beautiful cards, thank you so much for sharing them.

  86. Kristina

    I really enjoy how you used a stamp in different ways. A dressform stamp makes me think of girly or glitzy, but you showed how it can be used even for Christmas! As I always say, one’s own imagination is their own limitation. Great job on your cards! Also, I’m your newest follower!


  87. Carol B

    Love these project! Such beautiful designs.

    Carol B

  88. Heather Gray

    Amazing cards! I love the Christmas one!!
    ra6352 (at) gmail (Dot) com

  89. lostinpaper

    I totally agree with everyone here before me!! Such a AWESOME set of cards Lisa! My fave is definitely the spooky spider one!

  90. Pam

    Love your dress form cards, especially the spooky one! Amazing job.

  91. Kristi S.

    Amazing work Lisa! I like how you used the same stamp for three very different occasions.

  92. cjs

    Wow! Very creative & beautiful! Love your uses of that dress form!

  93. Erin Noll

    I just ordered this stamp! CAN’t WAIT to play now, thanks for the inspiration!!!

  94. Judy S.

    Great cards!!! I love looking at each DT take on the products. 🙂

  95. Danielle

    Hop, hop, hop! Thanks for the inspiration!

  96. Melanie Rhoades

    I’m really diggin’ the dress form!

  97. Kelly Sas

    Your ideas are so creative and unique! Never would I have thought to do a Hall0ween card with a dress form….. LOVE it!

  98. Lisa

    Another great card. You are amazing. Always looking for the next.

  99. Becky S.

    Love your cards!! I’ve been eying up that dress form stamp!

  100. casey

    I love that you showed all the different ways you can use a single stamp! Great cards!!

  101. Marsha D

    Cute, Cute, Cute. Love how each card uses the same stamp but each has such a totoally different look to it.

  102. Stacy Caddy

    Love your cards…. Awesome work!!!

  103. iRITS

    Lovely project and fantastic win- win companies combo!

  104. Kate

    All fab cards but absolutely love the first one :0)
    Kate x

  105. Deborah Long

    Gorgeous cards – thanks for the amazing inspiration!!!

  106. mustavcoffee

    Gosh what a lot of comments here:0) Fabulous cards is why:0) My favourite is the Christmas one but I love them all, Gay xxx

  107. Nora Anne

    Three beautiful cards Lisa! I love how you used the dress form in spooky style! FUN FUN FUN!!!!

  108. angieblom

    OH , Lisa.. these cards are amazing.. I love how you took the same image and make them look so different in each card. LOve this!!

  109. scrappininak

    wonderful cards – love how you used the dress form

  110. Roslyn

    Wow – love the variety of ways you used that dress form stamp! Very creative for sure. And the papers are so pretty!

  111. Renee VanEpps

    Very beautiful cards, love the layering and that dressform stamp! As you’ve shown, it can be used in so many ways !! TFS

  112. Poppit

    That’s one beautiful stamp. I love how you’ve showcased in in three totally different styles/occasions. V. clever! xx

  113. wespiegels

    I love the Halloween card..I wouldn’t think to use a dress form but it looks great!!

  114. Kelli P.

    Such lovely cards. Awesome how the spider is haning from the dress form, but my favorite is the last. Gorgeous!

  115. Elaine Sauer

    I am intimidated with how good these are!

  116. Lisa Henke

    so, so beautiful, Lisa. love that you showcase that stamp in three different styles…you’re so creative!

  117. Irene

    Wow! What a great set of cards to show off these fantastic products!!

  118. Angela Fehr

    I love how you took three takes on one stamp and made them so unique!

  119. Marcy H.

    Gorgeous Cards!! Love how you used the same stamp so many different ways!!

  120. Rona

    The dress form looks great with every one of those collections!! Fabulous!

  121. Brenda (aka centralnyscrapper)

    Great cards. I am especially fond of the one made with the Wonder Collection. Clever use of the dress form on each of the cards.

  122. Pat K

    Your cards are great! Especially love the clever Halloween one!

  123. Gini Cagle

    Very pretty cards! Thanks for sharing.

  124. Holly AKA KopyKat

    These are super fabulous, love the dress form and the great dp you used.

  125. Kim H

    I love your cards, the colors, layers, and details are wonderful. Thank you.

  126. HeatherC

    I especially love how you combined the stamps with the Glowing diecuts!

  127. Lisa L.

    I love how you show how versitile one stamp image can be! Thank you so much for the ideas and how to be more open with each image!

  128. Julia Cheang

    Gorgeous cards! Very creative of you to apply the stamps for Halloween and X’mas theme. 🙂

  129. Amy Williams

    Oh my! Such fabulous cards!

  130. Becky D

    Oh Lisa – I love these cards! That dress form is just gorgeous and I love how you have shown so many different ways to use it – very creative!

  131. Barb Mc

    Such beautiful cards! I love your style!

  132. Sharon

    136 comments! Wow! My favorite was the last card. The paper at the bottom made my mouth water!

  133. karenladd

    Love these cards! The vintage look of Authentique papers go so well with the Unity stamps you chose!

  134. Kristina M

    What a fun way to use the dress form stamp!

  135. ~amy~

    super WOW…love the dressform cards!

  136. Ashley

    So pretty! I’m subscribing to your blog RIGHT NOW!

  137. Lillian Child

    That dress form is one of my favorites! What delightful creativity on all of your cards using this sweet stamp!

  138. Carmen

    Nice cards – I especially like the spooky dress form. Thanks for the chance to win!

  139. Jingle

    Your cards are fantastic! I love your trigger card, too! 🙂

  140. Chunyuan

    fantastic cards. thanks for the inspiration.

  141. FrancineB

    Fabulous cards. Love how you show the versatiity of a single image. Nicely done.

  142. Savannah O'Gwynn

    OHHHH! I love the idea of using that dress form for the Halloween and Christmas card! SOOOOO clever! You rock!

  143. Christina Collins

    Beautiful! Love all the unique ways you found to use the dressform!

  144. mfortunato

    Nice cards!! I especially like the Christmas card.

  145. AJU5's Mom

    Love the Christmas card!

  146. Jocelyn

    You are the master at mixing patterned papers! These are all spectacular cards and I love how you show how the dress form looks so different with the papers. You are awesome!

  147. Marilynn Michau

    love the cards – I so respect talent and thanks for sharing

  148. Shari

    Gorgeous! I love how you used the dress form in all three designs, with such different themes.

  149. jan m

    You have just shown how well the Just Smile stamp set works with many kinds of papers and events!!

  150. sandra m.

    Great cards! Thanks for showing how to use the same stamp in different ways!

  151. Jeannette aka Jnett

    Your cards are great. Love how you used the stamp.

  152. Shartl

    How amazing that one simple image can be used in so many different ways. Love how you switched out the colors and styles to show it off!

  153. Lindsey

    Wow, what a feast of goodness! I love all the different ways you used the dress form image. And yes, I do think dress forms are a little spooky. 😛

  154. Jenny Johns

    Wowie kazowie! What an amazing assortment of creations…yes, WOW! You made three different style cards and surely showcased the papers and stamps magnificently! I love the itty bitty…on my my ‘wish list’! Thanks for inspiring Lisa!

  155. Dana Edwards

    These cards are beautiful. Love Authentique and love Unity. What a great combination. Thanks for the chance to win.

  156. Jane Oetterer


  157. Stampnk

    Love that dress form image and the way you made all those holiday cards. The Halloween Spooky card is so cute! Never would have thought to use a dress form on that one but it works!

  158. Shauna {SK Studios}

    oh my goodness, loving the versatility of the dress form!! I too wouldn’t have thought of it as “spooky” but I think that might be my fav one!!

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