{11.20.11} happy birthgiving

Happy Birthday to my Dad

{sorry, this post got a little LONG}

It has been a very busy weekend for this girl.  Today is my daddy’s birthday and we are celebrating him and Thanksgiving at my parents house this afternoon. Yesterday a migraine took me down in the morning and I still had to make a card and go grocery shopping for the pies I needed to make today.  Ugh, so after a nap, I was able to do both.  If you have been following me on Facebook, you know the refrigerator problems I have been having.  We have a new one being delivered on Friday, but I decided to do my shopping last minute in case the fridge decided to heat up again.

I’m using THIS Unity stamp set and playing some more with my copics.  Shading is looking better, but I really need some more practice.  This stamp set is rockin’ awesome.  When I was little, we had a wind up clock.  I will always remember the little key my dad would use to wind it up.  They still have the clock, but it doesn’t work anymore.  Anyway, that was the inspiration for this card.

Happy Birthday to my DAD!
Love you.

So onto the pies I decided to make.

This is the pie my dad requested for his birthday.  On a recent trip to Payson, AZ they tried this pie at a local diner.  OMG, the stories I have heard about this pie.  Well, the cook shared the ingredients, but not the directions.  Ugh.  So I hopefully recreated it.  I would hate for it to fall short of their memory.

It is our day to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family.  Turns out we couldn’t all get together on Thursday, so we are celebrating early.  Can’t skip the pumpkin pie!!!

PLUS, my cousin’s new puppy arrived yesterday and we get to meet him today.  Here is a little peek at the cutie patootie… Spiro.

I seriously appreciate it if you made it to the end of this post!!!  Ha.  It was a long one.  Happy early Thanksgiving everyone and enjoy your Sunday.


  1. lynn

    what a beautiful card for your dad, lisa! hope your family has a wonderful time:) the pies look yummy!

    i wonder if your fridge has the freezer on the bottom? ours started warming quite often. i don’t think i’ll get another one like it…

  2. Emily Niehaus

    Oh, Lisa! Love your coloring on that card. What a perfect card for you dad. Enjoy your family time and save a piece of that peanut butter chocolate for me! 🙂

  3. Virginia L.

    What a sophisticated and meaningful card for your father! I love the coloring and shading. The pie looks so yummy! Have fun celebrating this special time, Lisa!

  4. Brandi Hall

    You are right, that stamp is amazing and perfect for a masculine card. Sorry to hear about your fridge, that is a bummer. I have canceled my facebook account so this is the first of me finding out 🙁

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday with your Dad, he is going to love the card.

  5. Emily Leiphart

    What a gorgeous card for your Dad! I think your Copic colouring is amazing. Both those pies look delicious… Mmmm, I’m salivating just thinking about having a piece. LOL And Spiro really is a cutie! Thanks for sharing all. The post wasn’t long at all! 🙂

  6. lostinpaper

    Your Dad will love your fabulous card, oh, and the pies!! They look yuuummmmy!
    (I’m hoping this stamp set will be arriving at my door today, and I can’t wait, especially after seeing your design!)

  7. Lynn

    Lisa, I hope your dad had a great birthday. The pies you made look amazing and I love his card! I’m sure he will absolutely adore the clock!

  8. Meg C

    Re-enactment of me reading this post:
    Oh, great card! Wonderful coloring.
    What a sweet dad you must have!
    Yummy pies!

    AWESOME CORGITUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful coloring. What a sweet dog! Yummy puppy!!!

  9. Lindsey

    Fabulous card (that clock is perfectly coloured, has that antique wood patina look, wow!), fabulous-looking pies, and such a cute new puppy! Happy Sunday to you, too, Lisa!

  10. Jackie

    Your card is awesome, Lisa! And it’s funny because I just came upstairs to make my dad his b-day card (it’s on Wed., so I’ll have to send it Priority now) and saw yours. Enjoy your Thanksgiving w/ family! OH, and your pies look so YUMMY!!

  11. Kary

    Hi Lisa! Your card is Gorgeous!! Love the clock, you’ve coloured it wonderfully!! I love it!! Happy Birthday to your Dad! Your pies look so delicious, you must teach me to make them. Hope no more migraines, take good care & have a marvellous time with your family. {hugs}

  12. Pryn Garritan

    More practice? Are you kidding? Your coloring is fantastic! Your light source is awesome and your shading is fabulous…you rock the Copics! So, you can craft, color and bake??? WOW!!! Those pies look dee-lish!!! Hope your dad had a wonderful birthday and that you all had an amazing Thanksgiving 🙂

  13. ~amy~

    Such a wonderful card for your dad and DELISH pies!

  14. Angie Blom

    Fabulous card for you dad !! I still have not unpacked these yet!! Oh those pies look yummy!! Hope you had a great celebration Lisa! Xx





  17. Poppit

    Wow – your dads card is amazing. The colouring is perfection! Hope you feel better now. Ps your pies look delicious!! xx

  18. Wendy ten Hove

    Oeh, those pies look delicious!! Mjammie! And your clock cad is gooorgeous! Love that huge clock!! Pretty colors and I’m happy you kept the rest simple, so all attention goes to that clock! Very nice!
    Hugs, Wendy

  19. Anne T

    Lisa, your card is amazing! Love the image and the sentiment!! Hope you had a wonderful time celebrating your dad’s birthday and Thanksgiving. The pies you made sound wonderful:)

  20. Jen W.

    I think your shading is fantastic! You’ve really given the clock so much depth and dimension. Your pies look amazing! Can’t wait to hear how the first one turns out – and to get ahold of the recipe! 🙂
    And Spiro is so darn cute! Love those big ol’ ears!

  21. Karen B.

    Look at that awesome coloring! Wow! Great looking pies and pup too!

  22. Jessi

    Happy birthday to your dad – love the card you made 🙂 Extra-special since it’s inspired by such a vivid memory!

  23. mustavcoffee

    Fabulous vintagey card and A very Happy Birthday to your Father:0) Your baking looks wonderful, so yummy, I hope you all had a lovely day:0) hugs Gay xxx

  24. Sav O'G

    Happy birthday to your dad!!! I hope he enjoys his special day–Psalm 118:24

    OH NO! Another migraine!??? Praying for healing–I know exactly how those feel/etc. <3 <3 <3

    LOOOOOOVE your card–I'm new to copics….got any suggestions for where to find tips or lessons for free? I'm so intimidated by them! LOVE the story behind your inspiration for this card:)

    Those pies look YUMMMMMY!

    And your cousin's dog–OH!!!! So precious;) Hope you have a blessed week–Happy Thanksgiving!

  25. Laurel S

    Such a great masculine card!

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