{5.7.2013} i have issues…


I’m working on some stuff for my blog behind the scenes and things are going horrible WRONG.
I’m trying to move my blog over to a self-hosted site and of course in my techie world, nothing ever goes smooth.  If you are having trouble finding me, my domain (dahlhouse-designs.com) is currently down.  I do not have a timeline on when it will be back, but it may be a little while.

So… dahlhousedesigns.wordpress.com is where you can find my blog for now.  I’m excited to host my own blog, but I guess I need to go through some growing pains.

Thank you for your patience as I get this all worked out.  I think my feeds and definitely my email subscriptions still work so if you are not already following, you might want to in case I get lost.  I don’t like being lost.  Lol.  You can find both sign ups in my blog sidebar to the right.

I’ll update you when all is good again.


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  1. Jackie Rockwell

    Hi Lisa,
    Let me know if I can help. Good luck with changing over. I remember it being a tricky thing to do when I did it for my WordPress blog.

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