[2.9.2015] sweet elle

Sweet Elle

dahlhouse designs | sweet elle 2.2015

sweet elle

There is just something about a little elephant that makes my heart smile.  Young and old souls alike would appreciate receiving this little birthday cutie.  I think I have mentioned I have a hard time with cards for the little tikes.  But I think sweet elle will help me out tremendously.  And this simple design is perfect for bulking up my stock of cards.

This little elle is watercolored with paints.  I stamped first, then watercolored, dried completely (with the aid of my hairdryer) and then die cut the shape.  I finally found my crochet yarn, geez, that has been missing for ages!!!  It was the perfect little accent for this dainty card.

Unity Stamp of the Week

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Who wouldn’t love a little Unity delivered EVERY week.



  1. Lindsey

    Such an cute little elephant, especially watercolored so sweetly! Adorable, Lisa.

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