[4.29.2017] Playing with Distress Oxide Inks

Hi lovelies.

I’m blogging on a Saturday. Shocker, I know!!! Don’t panic, it’s not the end of the days. Haha. I’ve been getting my craft on lately and I couldn’t wait to share my experience with the new Distress Oxide Inks. Eeeeks, these are pretty fantastic. They are the perfect match for my favorite stamps – Unity Stamp Co. I’m featuring this amazing mixed media stamp set today.

Beautiful Every Little Thing

Just look at that luscious color. The formula on this ink is opaque and creamy and so blendable. It does take a little a bit of practice and a slightly different technique then the regular Distress Inks. Nothing earth shattering different, but they do feel and move differently. I also took a HUGE drastic leap in a different direction with these. I bought the refill inkers rather than the stamp pads. MAINLY because I just don’t have the space to add all those stamp pads. Would I prefer them, probably, but my first experience using the refills instead of the stamp pads worked so well, I’m not mad at my choice. I have two videos to share my process for this card today. Super quick (less than 2 minutes each), easy to watch videos with a few tips and comments on my impressions.

Up first, we have the Distress Oxides themselves and the creation of the tag on watercolor paper. Like I mentioned, I used the refill inkers squeezed onto a craft mat and make-up sponges. You can get make-up sponges anywhere, even the dollar store. Who doesn’t love that? They worked well and I’ll keep them around to reuse until they start to fall apart and grab a new one. I found that if i bent them in half and used the larger area to blend, it all went much better. It will take some practice to get the right amount of ink to paper for the blending you want to achieve. I also want to try using them with the Distress Blender Tool next. I think it might be even better, but not sure how I will feel about all that ink on the mat and grabbing it with the Blender Tool but we shall see.

I had this beautiful tag and decided to turn it into a card. I love to do this with tags if I’m not going to attach it to a gift. This is my favorite layout to do so, quick and easy since I already did all the hard work with that tag. I needed a few more hearts for the tag, so thought I would share how I make my own DIY Enamel-like hearts. Super easy.

Thanks for stopping by today. If you have tried the Oxides, let me know what you think and if you have questions, I’ll do my best to answer.


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  1. Therese

    I know I ‘m going to have to join in the fun, now I just need bigger ‘ink’ storage drawers! Thanks for the video too, love it!

  2. Lynne Ingram

    The new oxides have become a favorite. I have the pads and love them. Can they be mixed with regular distress ink pads to give some shine to the more chalky look to the oxides? or will they become mud?

    1. Lisa Arana

      This is a brilliant question. I believe I have seen people mix these, but I have not had the experience yet to know for sure. I definitely want to try it out and will share what I learn.

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