My First Bread Post


I have two hobbies… scrapbooking and baking. I have been scrapbooking for over 5 years now, but baking with a natural starter has become a new passion. I think it has only been 6 months or so since I started my one and only starter: Harvey. I call my starter Harvey and he has been doing pretty good. I bake bread maybe twice a month, so he stays pretty dormant most of the time in the fridge. I’m still learning how to wake him up and get him going before I need to bake. It is a learning process you see. But we manage to work together and produce some pretty good bread for my amateur status. I’m pretty proud of my little Harvey.

So the reason for my first post regarding bread is because I’m a blog stalker. Especially when it comes to learning about my hobbies. I have quite a few I visit almost on a daily basis (usually at work, but please don’t tell the boss). One of my favorites for baking is the Wild Yeast Blog. Susan is a wealth of information. Between her posts on recipes or techniques and her Yeast Spotting feature, Harvey and I have grown closer and braver. We have set our aspirations high to make better bread. Ok, that was laying it on pretty thick, but I really do love Susan’s site.

Last Wednesday on the Wild Yeast Blog, Susan had a contest for a Fibrament stone. I entered with high hopes, but figured it was just a dream. You see, I have broken 3 stones at this point in time. Mind you, this was before I even started bread baking. So winning this wonderfully made stone and to have it fill most of my oven so I can bake more than one loaf at a time would be awesome! And now that dream is a reality because I WON!!!! I was super excited when I read that email this morning.

So thank you Susan and Fibrament for sharing your knowledge and for the genereous giveaway. I can’t wait to bake on my new stone.


  1. Susan/Wild Yeast

    Congratulations on winning the stone, Lisa. Although from the looks of your beautiful loaf, maybe you don’t need it!

  2. coffeegrounded

    Congratulations, Lisa! And I have to admit that Susan was my mentor, too, for not only did she encourage me in my bread baking, she was the very reason I began my blog. She’s wonderful with her encouragement and absolutely over-the-top on her breadbaking advice.


  3. Sharon

    Congratulations, Lisa. It’s wonderful to win something you want. Thanks for the gorgeous bread porn. Keep up the good work.

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