{11.09.2012} Some EXCITING news + FWF

a DREAM finally coming true.

Happy day my Friends with Flair Unity peeps.
For me, it is extra special since I finally reached a long time goal yesterday.  I am so proud to say I am a UNITY ARTISTA!  I am trilled to see my designs being made into Unity stamps.  It has been a whirlwind of events these last few weeks, but yesterday my first stamp was released.  Very fitting it is something we can all toast too!!!

Squeal… I made that!
I sure hope you will enjoy using my designs in your crafty creations.

I just couldn’t wait to use it so here it goes….

It is so surreal to see my design on a CARD!
But, I simply love it.

You can GRAB this set and many more cute ones NOW!!!

Thanks for stopping by and remember to head back to the Unity blog to visit the rest of the Friends with Flair.


  1. tsurutadesigns

    wahooooooooooo!!!!! Congrats and it’s fabulous:)

  2. Grisel Blanco

    Congrats!!!! What a great feeling that must be!!!! (One day I’ll find out, too! HA!) (: Beautiful card!!! One of my favorite color combinations!!! So chic!! (;

  3. Scrapper Myra

    Love your designed stamp. Love your card. I am so happy for you and for me, because if you see my blog and email addresses you can see I love wine. I NEED those stamps!

  4. Lynn

    That sentiment is absolutely fabulous! Love it paired with your awesome design and a big congrats to you!

  5. Angel

    first of all, CONGRATS lisa! this stamp is amazing. So happy for u!
    and your card, is of coz stunning too.

  6. Rockwell Designs

    I’m so HAPPY for you Lisa! What an AMAZING stamp set. Love the way you designed the sentiment. The card perfectly showcases your new image!!!

  7. Julie Odil

    I can’t imagine the thrill of seeing something you designed being made into artwork by others. Congratulations! You will shine!

  8. Christine Dring

    Congrats Lisa! LOVE this stamp set! What a thrill for you! Your card showcases it superbly!

  9. Laurel S

    Such Awesome news! Congrats to you!

  10. veronica

    oh how exciting! a great big CONGRATS!!!

  11. Crystal R

    Adorable card and I just can’t wait to get my hands on that great stamp of yours, CONGRATS Unity Artista!!!

  12. Thienly

    Congrats!!! That’s so awesome and you did a fabulous job on it! Can’t wait to see more of our designs on the stamps! The card is super cute, too – love it!

  13. Anonymous

    Congratulaitons! Your card is cute.

  14. Carol L

    Huge congrats!! I can’t imagine what a thrill it must be to see your designs being used! This is a super cute image and very punny too! Good luck and best wishes too!!

  15. Dorothy C.

    Congratulations! Great sentiment – I look forward to seeing more of your designs.

  16. Laura Jane

    YAY! dreams DO come true!
    So happy for you:)

  17. Emily Keaton

    Oh, gosh, Lisa!! A HUGE congrats to you!! I love your little play on words here–awesome new stamp set. And your card is so cute!! Enjoy your time on Cloud Nine!

  18. Lindsey

    Hooray for you, Lisa! What an awesome stamp! Love the card, too.

  19. lostinpaper

    WOW! You are truly an amazing person Lisa, a massive CONGRATS to you and your fabulous new release!!!!!

  20. Kim S

    Fabulous stamp!! I’m off to go shopping!

  21. Cheri

    Your card is beautiful, and CONGRATS on becoming a Unity Artista! I look forward to lots more of your images!

  22. Tina D

    Congratulations!! Great stamps and cute card!!

  23. Lucy E.

    Adorable card! Congratulations on your new title and your first stamp 🙂

  24. Anonymous

    Congratulations!!! on becoming part of the Unity family.

  25. Glenda J

    Was sooooo excited to see this!!! I’m so happy for you! Congrats. Love your card… fabulous designs too.

  26. Anonymous

    Congratulations on becoming a Unity Artista!!!
    Samantha Slaughter

  27. Kary

    Congrats Lisa!!!! SQUEAL!!! So very, very happy for you, my dear friend!! How awesome, I look forward to see more and I shall be collecting them too 🙂 Happy celebrations and a great weekend!!

  28. jpscraps

    Congrats on becoming Unity’s newest ARTISTA!

  29. Jenny Johns

    Seriously…love your stamps and your card! Woohoo, you ARE AMAZINGLY talented Lisa! A huge CONGRATS to you!!!

  30. Jackie

    So excited for you, Lisa! Bravo!

  31. michelle k.

    CONGRATS!!! I love this stamp and I love your pretty card!!!

  32. Mary Anne K.

    This set would get lots of use around here! Love the card!

  33. Karen B.

    Congratulations Lisa, what amazing news! Looking forward to more designs.

  34. Pryn Garritan

    Lisa, this is sooooo exciting!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your first stamp is FABULOUS and your card is AWESOME!!! I look so forward to seeing more of your fantastic designs in the future 🙂 Hugs to you!

  35. Nina Yang

    Oh my goodness, Lisa!!!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!!!!! This set is so adorable! I will grab it for sure! Congratulations!!!!

  36. Jessi

    OH EM GEE! Lisa, this is awesome! I am so happy for you 🙂 And that sentiment is pure-dee hilarious!

  37. JJ Bolton

    So excited for you Lisa! Huge congrats! Here’s to many more:)

  38. Sav O'G

    Congrats on your design/stamp!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this card–AMAZING colors and design! YOU ROCK!

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