[12.15.2013] wanna sketch highlights

Wanna Sketch no. 11 Highlights

Happy Sunday!!!  Before we get to the amazing highlights, I just want to let you know Wanna Sketch is taking a little break for the holidays.  Too much egg nog and the sketches got a little wonky.  Just kidding.  It is just going to get super busy around here.  I’m sure you can relate.  Wanna Sketch WILL be back next month, better than EVER.

Thank you all for another fabulously fun Wanna Sketch.  There were so many amazing entries to make me smile.  You all rocked it!!!  Let’s get a few highlights.


Jen Mitchell

Eeek, this seriously make me giggle.  I just love everything about this card!  The fabulous math washi Jen used in the background, to the fabulously colored mad scientist!!!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

Kim Singdahlsen

Um, seriously?!?  This card ROCKS!  Kim has a fabulous eye for bold and graphic cards, this one is no exception!  All the different text is perfectly balanced by the white space and image.  Brilliantly done.


I snorted when I saw this card!  Nothing like a class of ‘CHEER’ to get me through the holidays.  Lol.  LOVE Chris’ punny design and that fun stripped paper in the background.  Just a fabulous all around card.

Don’t forget Wanna Sketch will be back in the new year.  Enjoy the holidays and get ready to get sketchy in the new year!




  1. Christine Dring

    Thank you for the shout out Lisa! You just made my day! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  2. ~amy~

    super fun picks Lisa! Congrats ladies!

  3. Jen Mitchell

    Eek! Thanks for the shoutout! Enjoy your Christmas break!

  4. Shannon J

    WHAT the freaky deaky?!! I can’t believe I missed playing :(. As soon as u return from your eggnog coma – I mean your little break I am playing for sure! Merry Christmas…can’t wait for my fave challenge to be back in the new year!

  5. Shannonn J

    What the freaky deaky?!! How did I miss out on playing my fave challenge this month?!! Next time around, I am in for sure. Enjoy your eggnog coma – um, I mean your little break!! Merry Christmas and we’ll “see” you in the new year! Thanks for hosting such an awesome challenge 🙂

  6. Kim S

    Thank you!! Have a Merry Christmas – and don’t forget all of us when we are craving a new sketch after the holidays!!

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