[5.26.17] Unity Stamp Co meets the MISTI

What a fun day on the blog!!! I’m super excited to be a small part of this big, big hop. Unity Stamp Company is hopping with My Sweet Petunia (the maker of the amazing MISTI stamping tool). You really couldn’t get a better match in products. They were just meant to be used together. You should be arriving from Lee Ann Barrett’s blog, if not, you can start at the beginning with My Sweet Petunia. I have a couple of projects to share today, hope you enjoy my cards and a few quick videos too.

A handmade card idea to help create multiple cards with a beautiful watercolor background using spray inks. So easy to do - watch the video on how to recreate this look using Unity Stamp Company stamps and the MISTI tool.

A handmade card idea to help create multiple cards with a beautiful watercolor background using spray inks. So easy to do - watch the video on how to recreate this look using Unity Stamp Company stamps and the MISTI tool. A handmade card idea to help create multiple cards with a beautiful watercolor background using spray inks. So easy to do - watch the video on how to recreate this look using Unity Stamp Company stamps and the MISTI tool.

Wow, this background turned out so vibrant and gorgeous! I usually do a background one at a time per card. Well, I had this brilliant idea to create a watercolor background on a whole sheet of watercolor paper and then cut it up into a bunch of backgrounds. Duh, what took me so long to figure that out? I used them all up in this set of cards, so I need to do this again to have some on hand to play with.

It was super simple to do with 3 different spray inks per color set. The 3 colors just gives some depth and interest to the background. Lay out your large watercolor sheet, spray it generously with water and then spray randomly with your spray inks. Grab your water bottle again and spray until the colors start to move and mix. You don’t want to see any of the spray dots from the spray ink. Gently blot the edges as the water pools and dry with a heat tool if you are impatient like me. Otherwise, you can let it dry by itself.

Once it was dry, I die cut the big sheet into smaller rectangles and stamped some beautiful silhouette flowers on top. Added a sentiment and a bit of background stamping to create a simple, but gorgeous set of cards.

Curious to see how I made this card. I have a quick video that you can watch it here or at Youtube.

The Watercolor Background


Assembling the card using the MISTI

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Using my MISTI and the Unity Stamp Company to mirror a stamped image for this fun card idea.

Ok, get this, Unity now has this amazing STAMPING TOOL! It is brilliant. With this tool, I was able to mirror image my sweet little flamingo so there are two. I can’t wait to play with this tool again as this was my first go around. I have a few tips… 1. Embossing is absolutely necessary. Well, I guess not absolutely necessary, but if you want a nice crisp image, it is best. You can try with ink, but really, it just worked so much better when embossed. 2. Stamp your mirrored image FIRST and then use your normal stamp to line up your second image. This is only necessary if you want them both on a single layer and not fussy cutting the images. 3. A MISTI makes this whole process so much easier, but it isn’t absolutely necessary. I’ll show you how to use the tool on it’s on in a future video.

After I stamped and embossed my little flamingos, I added a heart, colored with some Copic markers and embossed the sentiment in white on a strip of black cardstock. So super cute, right?

Curious to see how I made this card. I have a quick video that you can watch it here or on Youtube.

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Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget… everyone who leaves a comment on all the blogs in the hop will go into a drawing for 3 prize packs from Unity and winner’s choice of an Original or Mini MISTI. Please leave a comment by May 30th at noon central time to be eligible. Winners will be posted on both the Unity Stamp Company and the My Sweet Petunia blogs on May 31st.

I’m excited to send you on your way to the extremely talented Chris Dayton, I just know she has some amazing projects to share today. In case you get lost, here is the whole lineup of bloggers hopping today.

Sympathy Card

Let’s Flamingle Card


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